This year, we have chosen 22 families (90 people) to support in their transition out of domestic violence. Below you can read some of the empowering stories of these amazing women. All families described below gave permission to share their stories, some even provided quotes, but their names have been protected for privacy.  As you read these stories, keep in mind that all monies raised will go DIRECTLY to fulfilling the needs and wish lists of these families.


Imagine moving to this country at the age of sixteen; leaving a small town with no hope of survival and moving to a foreign land with her boyfriend; all while leaving behind what little family she had and her first born was no easy task. No one leaves everything she knows and loves “for fun” rather just as many immigrants before her, emigrates to the US for survival. After many years of abuse from her partner, the 29-year old is living alone with her two children. Their abuser abandoned them, which provided relief from the oppressive living situations but placed a major financial burden on her. She is doing all she can to survive and provide for her two kids but physical illness and her three-year-olds developmental needs for therapy do not allow her to work full time and care for her children. The AAF program partnered with her to help alleviate some of her expenses in the month of December because she is resilient and so close to gaining personal stability. Her story is the type where a little help empowers a household to create their own stability for the future. We were as excited as she was for this partnership, and for the opportunity to be part of her story, if only for this holiday season. Her hope for the future is inspiring, and life-affirming to all that meet her. Help us assist families in gaining stability for the future.


This single mom of three kids spends much time on the bus, going to work, picking up the kids, or buying groceries. She has a contagious smile, and her children adore her. If you were to see her on the bus you would probably notice how petite she is, you would see her rubbing her hands together and by her posture, you could assume she is exhausted. People that know her shared how she never complains, and works very hard to provide for her family and do all the things possible to create a healthy and loving home. She is very adamant about attending therapy to help her and her family cope with the trauma of physical abuse. This year through generous donations we were able to provide a bed for her to sleep in, she has beds for her children but did not have one for herself. When we delivered the first part of the bed she looked so happy her whole demeanor changed. It is hard to imagine how hard she works, and how little sleep she must get. It is truly wonderful to know that donations to a program like this can help a family not only survive but thrive. Having a bed of her own, I know she will be able to rest better and keep working hard as she already has the tools she needs to thrive in the years to come. Please help us support families when something as simple as receiving a new bed helps them thrive. 


Upon meeting this young woman, you can tell how much she cares for her daughter. Love is gently woven into the way that she talks about Brooklyn; her eyes light up when she talks about achieving her goals to inspire her daughter. She has a desire to create a safe and beautiful environment for their child. She did not come from a nurturing home, as her parents were alcoholics; unfortunately, she also recently lost her father and brother. In spite of the difficulties life has brought, she holds on to the hope that her life can be a different story, which will inspire her daughter to reach for her dreams. She wants to finish college so that when her daughter is old enough, she knows that it is possible to go to school because “her mom graduated college.” In her own words, she shares a bit about herself and her daughter’s recent achievements: “I am a 22-year-old single mother, and my daughter’s name is Brooklyn, she is almost three years old. She is my world! She currently has speech therapy, and when she first started, she had a vocabulary of 20 words. Now a year and a half later, she has a vocabulary of at least 100 words and is combining them into sentences. I have received so much help with my child’s development that I never imagined I could get!” Through our Adopt-A-Family program, we were thrilled to be able to help buy this family beds, bedding, and some Christmas toys. To help more families like this one you can click here.