This year, we have chosen 22 families (90 people) to support in their transition out of domestic violence. Below you can read some of the empowering stories of these amazing women. All families described below gave permission to share their stories, some even provided quotes, but their names have been protected for privacy.  As you read these stories, keep in mind that all monies raised will go DIRECTLY to fulfilling the needs and wish lists of these families.


A single mother tells her inspiring story of her strength to break the cycle of intimate partner violence: “I’m 23 and I grew up witnessing domestic violence in my family. I was in a relationship for 9 years since I was 14 years old. I had my first son when I was 16 and my second child when I was 19. The abuse started when I had my first child. One night he kicked us out and I never went back. I don’t have any social support from my family. I am proactive in looking for resources for my children and myself. I am soon moving to a new apartment and excited to have my own place. I can’t wait for my children to have their own furniture and have them feel safe. My strength comes from them, and I am the first in my family to change the cycle of domestic violence”.  Help us purchase new beds and furniture for this family. Help us purchase new beds and furniture for this family.


A single mother shared her story of courage and resilience in the aftermath of intimate partner violence.  She currently lives with her five children, her teenage sister, and her disabled mother in a two-bedroom apartment filled with bedbugs. Two of the children have special needs and require in home therapy 5 days a week.  In addition to these challenges, the front door in the apartment is broken, the heater in the house is broken and there is no electricity in the bathroom.  “I am working really hard for my family, sometimes working 12 hour shifts at my job, anything to be able to help my family and provide for them,” she told us. The family is currently trying to move out of this apartment, but are delayed because their truck broke down. Help us assist this family with moving costs and bills associated with their transition into a new home. 



Another single mother shared her story of obstacles and empowerment with us: Since she and her children were able to move out and get away from her extremely physically and emotionally abusive husband, her children are adjusting to their new home very well but she is really struggling to support her children financially. In addition, all of her (and her children’s) important legal documentation, including birth certificates, IDs and social security cards, were taken away by her children’s father.  While she is working to find a way to pay for and obtain copies of these stolen documents she is also very determined to move forward in her schooling, and has started an online GED with plans to eventually become an accountant. Please help us support this family in paying for copies of all their important documentation and in purchasing a laptop computer to help her attain a GED. Please help us support this family in paying for copies of all their important documentation and in purchasing a laptop computer to help her attain a GED. 


An amazing single mother is working to overcome the legal impact of domestic violence. She and her children (5 and 1 years old) are working to obtain stability after experiencing years of emotional and physical abuse by her children’s father. Through all of this, she has managed to work and transition to a new home with her children.  However, she recently lost her job because she missed a lot of work in order to attend court hearings to maintain the custody of her children.  Now, as she looks for a new job, she finds herself struggling to pay her rent, her bills and buy her daughters’ school uniforms. Please help us support this family get back on their feet by paying for clothing and school uniforms for the kids and rent for a month.


An incredibly strong and empowered mom has begun her healing journey.  She and her four children (14, 13 and 9-year old twins) recently moved out of an abusive situation and she told us how she is working hard to stabilize her family. “I am trying to move forward with my children. I was manipulated throughout my relationship and had very little self-esteem.  I believed it, but since I’ve been going to get support I’ve been able to stay hopeful and begin healing from my PTSD and anxiety. I have challenges in my life, but having my own place to live makes it better for me and my children. We are free of anyone telling us when to eat or when to watch TV, we can start deciding what we want ourselves. I believe good will begin to happen to us.”  As she meets the challenges of this transition, she is working part time and struggling with all of the bills associated with moving. Please help us support this family by purchasing beds for their new home and clothing for the children.


adopt-a-family-face-imageA mother of four shared her story of perseverance as she told us how hard she is working to overcome the challenges of intimate partner violence and intergenerational trauma while maintaining a roof over her children’s heads.  Even though she is employed, she recently moved to be safe but is struggling to pay rent and buy the required uniform t-shirts for her job, a cost not covered by her employment. Despite these obstacles, this brave mother remains optimistic and maintains hope for a better future. Please help us support this family pay their water bill and rent for a month.