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December 11, 2017

Here are this week’s 5 Actions!

1. Call your Members of Congress to stop the Trump Tax Scam Bill
2. Call your state representatives to take action against sexual violence
3. Sign a petition to ensure passage of the strongest Special Order on immigration in Los Angeles
4. Sign a petition supporting a special counsel to investigate sexual violence allegations against President Trump
5. Tweet to tell Trump Administration that he can’t take our lands away from us

Stop the Trump Tax Scam!

This action comes from Indivisible:

The tax bill goes back to the House today, and the House has two options for moving forward:

  • Pass the Senate bill as-is despite the Senate’s bill being quite different than the House’s. This would send the bill to Trump’s desk where it would be signed into law.
  • Go to conference, a process where members of both chambers work out the differences between the two bills. Conference could last up to two weeks… allowing us to keep up the pressure.

1. Call your Representative to help stop the Trump Tax Scam Bill.

Call 1-855-980-2350 to be connected to your Representative and tell them to vote to go to conference on the tax bill.
We want to make sure that the House does not pass the Senate version as-is. If we can delay the process, we increase our chances of defeating the tax scam.

Take Action Against Sexual Violence in our State Legislature

This action comes from Close the Gap CA:

Last week, the Assembly took its first step to address allegations of pervasive sexual harassment in our Capitol: a nearly 5 hour information-gathering hearing by the Rules Subcommittee on Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Prevention and Response, chaired by Assemblywoman Laura Friedman.

Asm. Friedman did outstanding work to underscore the critical need for a “serious and comprehensive” overhaul of the Assembly’s approach to sexual harassment. Two issues in particular stood out as problematic. First, the Rules Committee has thoroughly failed to track sexual harassment complaints; it critically needs a reliable records-keeping system to provide fundamental data and spotlight patterns of abuse. Second, the administrators’ tenuous understanding of “zero tolerance” and muddled definition of “sexual harassment” needs immediate clarification.

Our state legislators are role models for the rest of the state of CA. It is imperative that they know that we will not accept sexual violence in Sacramento or in any legislative offices.
2. Call on your state representatives to take action against sexual violence in our state legislature.
Find your Assemblymember here. Call them and tell them you want them to make it a priority to repair this broken system. Sexual harassment, abuse, and assault in our state legislature have to go.

Tell Los Angeles to Stand Strong for Immigrants

This action comes from the California Immigrant Policy Center:

Los Angeles is on the verge of enacting historic changes to the Los Angeles Police Department that will have long-lasting impact on the safety of immigrant communities. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the LAPD are currently reviewing and updating Special Order 40, the department-wide policy from 1979 that guides how LA police officers engage on immigration enforcement issues. But the reality is that the deportation force has evolved dramatically in the past 40 years and Special Order 40 is now quite outdated. Our communities are facing increased and blatant enforcement expansion, with the current Trump administration is making clear plans to expand Police-ICE entanglement!

3. Click here to sign the petition directed to Mayor Garcetti, LAPD Chief Beck, and the LAPD Commission to ensure the passage of the strongest Special Order on immigration in Los Angeles.

Support the Investigation of Sexual Assault Claims Against Donald J. Trump

This action comes from MoveOn.org:
Twenty women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment or assault against Donald Trump. As the nation grapples with allegations against Roy Moore, Senator Al Franken, and Representative John Conyers, it’s past time for the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into these allegations against Trump.

4. Click here to sign a petition supporting a special counsel to investigate sexual violence allegations against President Trump

Save Our National Monuments

This action comes from Patagonia:

Public lands have never been more threatened than right now. The fate of our national monuments is in the hands of the Trump administration. Public lands—from Maine to Hawai’i—provide enormous cultural, ecological and recreational value, and they are at risk. Removing protections for these wild places to open them up for development will not make us energy independent, and history shows that when states control these lands, they are sold to the highest bidder. This is not a chance we are willing to take. Defend the land you have left.

5. Tweet to tell the Trump Administration that they don’t have authority take lands away from us

Click here to take action from the Patagonia website to send a pre-written tweet to President Trump and US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to let them know that the protection of public lands and national monuments is of vital importance.

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