Help us repeal the CalWORKs Maximum Family Grant (MFG) rule
by joining our reproductive justice call-in day on Tuesday, May 24!

To participate:
Call Governor Brown’s office at 916-445-2841.
Follow this easy script:

Hi, my name is   and I live in  . California’s poorest children are counting on Governor Brown to repeal the MFG rule in this year’s final budget. I’m calling to ask that Governor Brown prioritize the health and well-being of these kids and take a stand for reproductive privacy by repealing the MFG rule this year. The MFG rule is contrary to California’s longstanding leadership in advancing public policies that support reproductive freedom and personal privacy for all Californians, regardless of income.”

California established its welfare program, CalWORKs, to alleviate the impact of extreme poverty on children and to keep families together. But one element of the CalWORKs program, the MFG rule, actually exacerbates poverty, limits women’s reproductive decisions, and leads to government intrusion into families.

The MFG rule also infringes on the reproductive privacy of poor families. In order to be granted an exception to the rule, parents must disclose private information about their use of contraception or prove that they experienced rape or incest.

California is a national leader in protecting reproductive freedom. The MFG rule is a shameful exception that punishes poor women for their reproductive decisions by withholding basic aid for their families.

Call Governor Brown on Tuesday!

Thank you.

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