Upcoming Events

  • In Their Own Words: Standing Together for Reproductive Rights, Health and Justice: Thursday, January 21 2016
  • Eyes on Trafficking: Join a Team for a Night of Outreach: Sunday, January 24 2016
  • Washington Institute: March 13 -15 2016, Washington D.C.
  • Community Seder to Combat Human Trafficking: Sunday, May 1 2016

Film Screenings

Our film series educates the community about important topics including the environment, individual rights, human trafficking, healthcare, and social justice. We have recently screened such inspiring films as Food Chains, How to Die in Oregon and The Hunting Ground.

Film showings are free and open to the public. Click here for upcoming screenings and events.

Educational Programs

Information is power. Learning about an issue is the first step towards getting more involved and making a difference in your community. Our educational programs will keep you informed about the important social justice issues of the day. We present panel discussion with experts on immigration reform, human trafficking, economic justice, gender-related violence, and other key issues. Click here for upcoming events.

Advocacy Training Project

Let your voice be heard! Join our Advocacy Training Project to acquire the skills needed to make a difference at the local, state, and national levels. Our experts will teach you how to become an effective champion for the causes you are passionate about.

The series of six workshops includes:

Presenting Your Message
How to Write an Op-Ed
Taking Charge of Media Relations
Social Media for Advocacy
How to Advocate for Legislation
Getting Appointed to a Board or Commission

The workshops are open to all and can be taken singly or in a series. Attendees of all six workshops receive a certificate of program completion.

Issue-Based Workshops

Issue-based workshops go into greater depth on the social justice issues NCJW/LA is currently focusing on. Experts train community members on how to advocate effectively for public policy on the workshop topic. We hold three workshops a year and we are always recruiting volunteers to help organize them.

Human Trafficking Outreach Project

Human trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery in which people are coerced or sold into labor or as sex workers. It exists in Los Angeles and around the globe.

In 2013 California took a step in fighting this serious violation of human rights by passing Senate Bill 1193. The law aims to raise awareness about human trafficking in California by mandating that certain businesses publicly post hotline information about human trafficking and organizations that combat it.

NCJW/LA sponsored SB 1193 and is now working to implement it in Los Angeles County. We formed the Human Trafficking Outreach Project to train volunteers for public outreach to ensure that businesses know about the law and post information posters.

Upcoming Trainings:


If you are a volunteer and you need more posters, please download them from this page or contact Maya for printouts that you may pick up or have mailed to you. If you need to fill out your outreach tracking information, please click here.

Eyes on Trafficking: Join a Team for a Night of Outreach:

Click here to learn about the Eyes on Trafficking outreach events in January, 2016.

Request a Training:

To request a training for your volunteers/organization click here.

Download Posters:

Click here to download the SB1193 poster in jpeg format. You can also download the PDF version by clicking here. The posters are designed to be printed on size 11 x 17 paper.

Seder to Combat Human Trafficking

At Passover time, NCJW/LA and the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST) join together with our community partners, IKAR, Kol Ami, Sinai Temple, Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, Temple Isaiah, Temple Israel of Hollywood, and Tr’uah to create a Seder to Combat Human Trafficking.

As the Passover Haggadah declares “This year we are slaves; next year, may we be free,” we think about the thousands of people who are currently enslaved in our communities. It’s hard to believe that 3000 years after the Israelites were liberated from slavery, and 150 years after the American Civil War, more people are enslaved today than at any other point in history. In fact, human trafficking has become a $32-billion dollar industry and the fastest growing criminal enterprise of the 21st century. Los Angeles is one of the top hubs for trafficking of slaves in the United States.

The Seder is interactive and uplifting. It affords participants a deeper understanding of the issue and the ways in which each person can take a small step to help end human trafficking.

Teen Advocacy Working Group – The Talk Project

This working group was created by high school students interested in advocacy and social justice. Group members meet others who share their passion for advocacy and social justice, and join together to make changes on a variety of important issues. Currently, the Teen Advocacy Working Group is focusing on the prevention of sexual assault on college campuses.

The Talk Project is a free program created by the NCJW/LA Teen Advocacy Working Group. It is a peer-to-peer sexual violence awareness program for high schools and youth groups, led by teens. The Talk Project is in partnership with The Hunting Ground film and incorporates clips from the documentary into the one-hour interactive program. Before heading off to college, teens learn about consent, sexual violence statistics, bystander intervention, and how to advocate for culture change.

For more information on The Talk Project and to learn about becoming a peer educator, click here.


Social justice and policy internships are available throughout the year.